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Summer 2024

For our most current classes, please see our

Summer Schedule updated Monthly!

Folding yoga mate

Welcome to your mat...
Just a couple of things to keep in mind in regard to studio etiquette:

  • We suggest scheduling class in advance and at least an hour prior to start time. 

  • 'Walk-ins' are welcome however not guaranteed a spot in class

  •  The studio will be open 15 minutes before class begins

  • Please arrive with plenty of time to settle in; new students are encouraged to arrive at least 10 mins before class time

  • Leave all personal belongings in the lobby not needed for your practice (i.e. phone, purse, jacket etc.)

  • Once in the practice room be mindful of conversation and noise level

  • Doors will be locked once class starts for our privacy and safety

  • If you must cancel, a two hour notification is appreciated 


Thank You!

Iyengar Yoga

Summer Schedule | 2024


  • 5:30PM | Yoga Flow


  • 9:00AM | Gentle

  • 6:00PM | Yoga Sculpt




  • 6:00PM | Gentle Yoga



  • 9:00AM | Gentle Yoga

  • 6:00PM | Yoga Flow


  • TBA


  • TBA



  • 6:00PM | Sunset Flow

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Be sure to follow us on our socials for updates on special workshops and 'pop up' classes!

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